Monday, November 7, 2011

Design FX

Dashing Diva Design FX are now available to licensed professionals at Cosmo Prof and Armstrong McCall stores!  

Being a self-confessed "Product Junkie", of course I already have them! 
From left to right:  Animal Exhibition, Lace Love, Look Don't Touch and Feline Menagerie.

These are so much fun!  They can be applied to any kind of nail!  To the bare natural nail, over regular or gel polish and even acrylics or gel enhancements.  You can apply them as a full coverage applique or you can custom cut them to make your own designs.  The designs you can make are endless!  For a more conservative look you can highlight one nail or maybe your client is more adventurous and loves the look of a full Design FX Manicure.

Gelish Sweet Chocolate with bronze glitter fade and two nails highlighted with Design FX Feline Menagerie then topped off with Dashing Diva Top Gel.
Design FX Catwalk applied to bare natural nail then topped off with Dashing Diva Base Gel and Top Gel.

Features of Design FX that set them apart from other appliques:

Simple no-heat application.
 Easy removal!  No need to soak in Acetone; just peel away.  
Superior adhesion that lasts up to 14 days.
Bejeweled designs.

Watch the Dashing Diva YouTube video below to see how easy it is to custom cut the Design FX appliques.

Have fun!  Don't forget to add me on Facebook so that I can see your creations!  =)

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