Wednesday, January 25, 2012

United Nails Evolve Gel Polish

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  I did!  Extremely busy so I was unable to post.  :(

Since my last post I received my Evolve Gel Polish from United Nails!  It is amazing!  If you have not tried it yet I definitely recommend that you do!

Evolve Gel Polish "Cause" It Matters

Evolve Gel Polish has a great smooth consistency that just floats on the nail.  What I really love about the Evolve Gel Polish is that it cures so fast in a UV Lamp or LED Lamp!

  • Base Coat - 30 second cure time in a UV Lamp or LED Lamp
  • Color Coat - 1 minute cure time in a UV Lamp or 30 seconds cure time in a LED Lamp
  • Top Coat - 1 minute cure time in a UV Lamp or 30 seconds cure time in a LED Lamp
Now you won't have to invest in an expensive LED Lamp!  I don't know about you, but 1 minute is the perfect time between coats for me to polish one hand and start the next.

Evolve Gel Polish "Cause" It Matters with nail art added then sealed with regular top coat so the client could remove it later when she tired of it without damaging the gel polish.

The gel polish is in a beautiful black bottle that won't allow light to penetrate so you can leave them out to display them without having to worry about them thickening from sunlight or UV rays.  :)  They are a 1/2 ounce bottle and the cost is only $15.95.  Apply it thin as usual for gel polishes and you will get about 25 applications per bottle.  They have 28 colors available.  So far I only have 12, but I will be ordering the remaining 16 very soon!  :)

I have been using Evolve Gel Polish for 6 weeks and it lasts beautifully.  When doing a soak off you do have to buff the surface before soaking off to break the seal.  Soaking only takes 5-7 minutes before you can remove with a cuticle stick.  You will be amazed at how easy it comes off!  If the client wants the same color though you could buff the surface and do a refill.  :)  After buffing the gel polish, perform a dry manicure and then reapply Evolve Gel Polish starting with the base coat, 2 coats of color and then the top coat.

Register at to get an account and don't forget to have your professional license ready as you will need it since they are a professional only product.

Melodee Lange Christensen, owner of United Nails, is absolutely fabulous to work with.  If you have any questions you can contact her by Facebook message at

Have a Great week!  I'm off to the ISSE Show in Long Beach, California.  I'll post pictures next week.


  1. My led lamp won't cure my evolve polish. What am I doing wrong? I dont put the coats on thick? What do you think?

  2. I use a Gelish 18G LED Lamp and have not had any problems. The great thing about Evolve is that it will also cure in a tradional UV lamp in only 1 minute. Not all LED lamps use the exact same wave length range. Each are made to be product specific to ensue that it will cure that manufacturers product. I have found the Gelish 18G LED Lamp to be extremely versatile with the the different brands that I use. I use it with Gelish, Evolve, Geleration, OPI Gelcolor, IBD Just Gel, Artistic Gloss, Nubar and Young Nails. I think that your application is probably correct, but that your LED lamp does not fall into the range needed to cure the Evolve gel polish. I hope that helps. Here is a link to an article that better explains how curing works.

  3. Thank you Vicky. I'm sure you are right. I bought it on premier nail source, as it was advertised with the evolve polish. It just doesn't cure it. It does however cure in my uv lamp which is 36w. I guess my led lamp is no use now :(

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