Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bring on the bright Spring colors!

Happy Spring!  With Spring in the air everything seems more exciting and fun! Clients are ready to ditch the dark colors and try something new and bright! They are also more willing to add a little flare and glitter to their nails.  :)

Here are some the nails I have done the past couple of weeks!

Spring Nails using Purple, Green and Yellow glitter.  I know these are Mardi Gras colors, but here they represent Flowers, Grass and Sun!

Evolve Gel Polish "Princess" perfect for Spring!

What better represents Spring than rainbows??  I used various Young Nails Glitters embedded in Evolve Gel Polish to achieve this effect.

Okay not very Springy, but very cool!  I picked up some Magneto "Electric Metal Lover" Gel Polish from Gelish at the ABC Chicago Show and had to play!

Another Rainbow Design!  First I did Rockstar Nails using WHENN Glitterall White Holographic Glitter, then hand  painted the dots using acrylic paints and sealed with Dashing Diva Gelife Top Gel.

Want to try some of these designs?  To order any of the products listed below you must be licensed and register to order.  Here is where to order what I used.

Young Nails Glitters  http://www.youngnails.com/products.aspx# 

Evolve Gel Polish   http://www.unitednails.com/?page_id=4

Magneto by Gelish  http://www.nailtechsupply.com/cart/gelish-magneto-soak-off-gel-polish-magneto-nail-lacquer-combo-kit-4-electric-metal-lover-red-01615

Dashing Diva Gelife Top Coat http://www.dashingdivapro.com/

WHENN Glitterall  https://www.facebook.com/whennevents

WHENN is a really great Networking Group!  Like their page if you haven't already. Then you can message Kelley Killop-Marble one of the administers of the site and ask her to purchase Glitterall.  I use it all the time in my Rockstar Nails!  It gives a lot of dimension to the nails!  <3

Acrylic Craft Paints can be found at any craft store like Michaels or Joann's.  I use Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint or FolkArt Acrylic Paint.  It just depends which one is on sale.  They are usually on sale for about $1

If you have any questions about how to do any of the designs shown just post a comment or send me a message through Facebook.  You can find my Facebook link on the right hand side of this page.

I almost forgot!  Here are some of the goodies I picked up at the ABS Chicago Show!

New Gelish Spring Colors, Famous Names Lumos Top & Bottom Coat, Famous Names Dadi' Oil, Gelish Magneto "Electric Metal Lover", Venique Nail Lacquer, Juicy Couture Perfume :) and in the background more Moroccan Oil!

I also won a Famous Names goodie bag at the Meet & Greet with Linda Nordstom!  :)  Super excited!  I love their products!

Have a GREAT week!  See you all soon....maybe at the IBS New York show.  I will be at the Dashing Diva Booth #1730.

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