Monday, October 1, 2012

It Has Been A Busy Summer!

Wow!  Time flies when you're having fun!

I love my job!  This has been the best summer ever!

As you may know I am an Educator for Dashing Diva.  In June, we had our first National Educator Training Convention.  What a fabulous group to work for and what an amazing group of men and women Educators!   Props to all of you!  You are all so incredible!  Here is a link if you want to see pictures of our event:  Dashing Diva National Convention

After I returned home from our convention I did not think anything could top that, but I found out that I WON Best Manicure and Pedicure for the Detroit A-List!  Thank you everyone that voted for me!  I can now proudly display my new badge!  See it up there on the right!  :)

I have a lot of fun and exciting things coming up soon too!

I will be at the Grand Rapids Salon Forum Show in Michigan on October 14th & 15th.  It will be at the DeVos Place.  Contact Salon Centric for tickets!  Here is a link to the show info:  Grand Rapids Salon Forum  Don't forget to stop by and see me!

Mary Jo Zwirowski will be leading the Dashing Diva classes on:
Sunday 11:00am - 12:30pm & 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Monday 10:00am -11:30am & 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Here is a synopsis of the class:

French Wrap Manicure / Metallic Nails
Experience the newest revolution in manicure services with Dashing Diva Professional!  Get WOW'd with the fast and consistent results of our French Wrap Manicure system.  Whether on natural nails or incorporated into other overlay systems; in traditional white or one of our exciting color options, we have the solution for you!  Join one of our Dashing Diva Professional Educators as they enlighten you on achieving that perfect, long lasting French manicure.  You will also be introduced to our full cover Metallic Nails.  These offer a perfect "fashion forward" option for clients on the go, proms and special events.  With service time around 20 minutes, watch your profits soar as you produce unique and dazzling sets of nails in less than half the time of traditional enhancement service.  Increase your service menu, boost profits and client satisfaction by introducing these new Dashing Diva Professional products into your salon today!  
**Hands on - Come with one hand free of product.  ***Attendees will receive trial kits, and product to use during class.

Can't make the Grand Rapids Salon Forum Show?  No worries!  I will be in Lima, Ohio on October 29th and Toledo, Ohio on November 5th leading the Dashing Diva classes.  Email me at if you need more information and I will get it to you as soon as I know where it will be.  :)

I will also be doing demos at Windsor Beauty Demo Days in Farmington Hills, Michigan on November 12th.  Hopefully you will be able to make it to one of these events!  Remember...Education is the key to your success! 

Time for a few pictures of some of the nails I have done recently!

My new favorite color!  IBD Just Gel "Jupiter Blue" and Gelish "Black Shadow"
Dashing Diva ColorFX with added bling and DesignFX thumbs!
IBD Just Gel "Aphrodite" with Zebra Stripes
Moon Manicure!  Dashing Diva Metallics with OPI Gelcolor "Pedal Faster Suzi"
Everything going on here!  Gel Polish, Dashing Diva DesignFX, Hand Painted "Love", Zebra Stripes and Mustaches!  Yes!!
Multi Colored Leopard over Artistic Gloss "Metro"
Jess has her "Stash" on with Zebra Stripes and Dashing Diva DesignFX Stars
I can not believe how popular Mustaches have become!  Love it!

Well, that's all I can tell you for now!  I have some great things in the works!  You will all hear about it soon!  Leave a comment if you have any questions about Dashing Diva or how to do any of my designs.



  1. Hi Vicki
    I was wondering what process you follow to set the Dashing Diva in OPI gel - they look fantastic!

    1. They are a full-cover Metallic Nail made by Dashing Diva. I applied Dashing Diva Gel Base Coat to the entire nail, cure, apply OPI Gelcolor where you want it, cure and then top with Dashing Diva Gel Top Coat over the entire nail. Super easy and fun!!

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